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With the right training, you too can learn how to build your website.  I’ve learned a lot of good stuff  at Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s been really enjoyable and uncomplicated. I tried building a “wordpress” website a few years ago. When you follow instructions and see the good results after each major step, it is really some kind of good feeling.  Did I mention having a website could possibly allow you to make money working online?


Building a Blog Site or An Affiliate Website

Funny thing is, I didn’t know that I was actually blogging back then.  I didn’t get the total training package, which, I’m sure would have made a difference in my knowledge and understanding.

However, since that time, I realized how much training I didn’t get.  I know now that you can learn how to build your website with confidence and knowledge.  Here’s how I built my  website with a web company called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

First, the Website Build

After looking over the Wealthy Affiliate site, I decided to try it using the free membership offering. I took a tour of the site first, after which, I registered as a new free member.

There were two categories of training — there was training to become an affiliate marketer of the WA program, or you could do the training for blogging or whatever your goal was.

I wanted to try my hand again at blogging and sell other peoples products on my blog sites.  The training is broken down into various subject matters with exercises at the end of each lesson.

In the first lesson, you get to register a domain name.  In order to choose a domain name, you need to consider your interest, what get’s you excited, what knowledge do you want to share.  I decided to blog about subjects that would be of interest to women 50 and over.

Once you decide your interest or niche, then you can think of a name.  If I were a really good cook and wanted to share my cooking knowledge and recipes, then I could name my site, for example “”.  As a free member the website would look like this:

It’s actually a real domain name and could be indexed in google.  However, I feel it’s more for practice.  If the name I chose was available, WA would register the name for me, free.  If that name was not available, the domain system would let me know and to choose another name.

After I registered my domain name, I was instructed to give my site a title.  The training stated that the title was simply the name of my website.  Example: – website

The Good Cook – title

You may want to go straight to paid membership which will allow you to register a new domain name without the “siterubix” at the end, or if you already have a registered domain name, you can use that.  For anyone who already own your domain name, you can have that name transferred over to WA (instructions included) and they will host it at no additional charge.

When I say, uncomplicated, I mean it.

With my domain name and website title in place, I continued reading the training materials and watching the training videos.  Out of curiosity, I looked ahead into training.  I could see that this program could help me get to my goals.

I became a paid member that same day.

Getting back to building a website……

Website Pages and Posts

Every website has a privacy policy.  WA has one already for use on your site.  There are places on the privacy policy site where you must insert your site name, email, and name.  It’s there for us, and how awesome is that!?

There will be an “about me” post where you tell about yourself and/or the website.  There is a page template for that too —  so cool!

Now comes your content.  The training will help you get started with writing content and how to choose keywords.  The template will help your post look orderly with a title, introduction, titled paragraphs, conclusion, and sign off.  The template will even state how many words to use, how many titles with paragraphs as a guide.

If you like to use images on your site, WA has some free images available or upload your own from your photo gallery.

The training will help you with placing images.  Be sure to use the grammar/spell check tool.  As you advance, you will learn how to link to other services or products.

Your work is automatically saved.  However, if everything looks good, hit the publish button, follow the simple instructions.  You can now view your work as a live site, or if you forgot or want to change something, you can edit as a published site.

Website Theme and Design

I personally prefer to write my content first, then choose the theme (color an style). That is why I talked about content before the theme.

Depending on your membership type, you will have your choice of theme style. Paid members have thousands of choices.  You can do a demo to see how you like the look before you choose.  Even after choosing a theme, you can change it if not satisfied.

Custom Menu

You’ve got your site built, but still not done.  Be proud that you’ve gotten this far, and I am so happy for you. However, there’s still the menu. Don’t worry…piece o’ cake. Just follow the simple instructions by video and written training.

How would you like to try it right now?  I placed a link right below for your convenience.

Building Your Website

To Your Success Online

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