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Going to yard sales I really like — having a yard sale, I don’t like so much. I mentioned yard sale because the last time I moved into my new place, I gave away so much stuff that I should have had a yard sale. I just didn’t want the hassle. Even after getting settled in my new location, there was still much to get rid of.

Financial, my family could always use some extra income. So, I decided, why don’t we sell some of the useful, and reusable items that we still have. As I mentioned before, I thought about a yard sale, but I really dragged my feet on that idea.

Then, I thought, what about a selling site on the internet. Several sites were considered, and they are all good selling sites. Most people are familiar with the following sites.


Pros: Free to list for the most part, good for selling high ticket items (I sold 2 cars) on the other hand my daughter sold a large trash bag of used childrens clothes. I suppose you could sell pretty much anything, it’s just that high ticket items seem to sell easier.

Cons: Notorious for scammers, may have to relist every few days because of volume. If buyers don’t pay, craigslist doesn’t do a good job of enforcing. Can’t have too many listings.


Pros: Sell anything, audience reach is vast

Cons: Make sure you can deal with their rules & regulations, fees may cause low profit margin so make sure you use the ebay calculator.

Most retailers actually prefer ebay with the pros outweighing the cons.


Pros: Good place to sell your own creations, such as jewelry, art, bric-a-brac, knitted blankets, etc, as long as your personal touch is on the item. Example: coffee mug that is designed with pictures, or words, or a name on it.

Cons: Can’t sell your reusable personal items like purses, shoes, etc.


Pros: Great for selling your reusable brand name items, no fee to list

Cons: Shipping fees a bit much. Non brand name items that sell for under $15 would absolutely cut into your profit margin, site is too busy for me with having to follow and comment on other people.

Mercari: ( My Choice)

Pros: Can sell reusable items that are not brand name. Sell pretty much anything, fee is charged only when item is sold. Very vast audience.

Cons: Not good for selling high ticket items over $2,000

To Your Success Online

P. Ann


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